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What is AdvisoryHub?

AdvisoryHub is a new age advisory firm acting as an extension to your team, helping you navigate the changing markets caused by the accelerating pace of change in technology.  We are a team of Practical Strategists.

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Our Solutions

Business Engagement

Practical Strategists have a deep knowledge and uniqueness in how to use the tools of their trade and plenty of hands-on experience. They do not just define concepts, they create them. They are analytical and comfortable with data – business smart. They see a direct line from technical expertise, to product excellence to business success, and understand the value of all three.

Technology Enablement

Get a broader view of the solution and vendor landscape. The dynamically changing landscape in IT requires entirely new thinking. The solutions of today are built on emergent technology that was adopted into the mainstream faster than any other in the history of our industry. These solutions come from providers you would have never heard of just a few years ago.

87% of Businesses use a Trusted Advisor


of businesses intend to allow work from home permanently

600+ million

daily participants using cloud based collaboration tools


 of companies want to better focus on key business objectives

Strategic Advisory As You Like It

What Our Client’s Say About Us

“I can speak for my entire team when I tell you that your involvement has given us a much greater level of confidence in the process and in knowing we will have a better final outcome in selecting the right technology solution.”

David Cross, CEO, Mowery

“Our company chose to work with John, who we consider a subject matter expert. I have never regretted that decision and in fact, John put us through a discovery and needs analysis that uncovered features, functionality and helped guide our decisions throughout the process in selecting new technologies. John is vendor agnostic, he listened to our needs and then recommended the best solutions that not only saved us time and research, but ultimately led to the successful implementation of the overall technology. I would highly recommend John as an advisor. His experience is invaluable and I honestly cannot imagine having undertaken this project without his guidance.”

Barry Feierstein, COO

We help you thrive during disruption

Rapidly changing technology can be a vehicle for transformation and a source of competitive edge for any business that sees it coming.

Partners in your future

Trusted Advisors are experienced and objective partners in IT planning, procurement, and decision-making that keep their eye on the future while helping drive smart technology change today.


Once decisions are made, we have the resources including people, tools, and technology to enable businesses to successfully complete their digital transformation project.

Confident IT Decision making

The pace of change in IT is too fast for any IT professionals to keep up. That’s why 87% of Enterprises that are ahead of the technology curve have a Trusted Advisor guiding them behind the scenes.  

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